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Vespa 75cc Athena Kit (12mm Pin)
Price: $174.99
In Stock

Athena Quality, for 12mm Cranks, and Vespa!
Vespa 75cc Athena Kit (10mm Pin)
List Price: $174.99
Price: $174.99
In Stock

This is the 10mm Pin version of the Athena Vespa kit. If you are running a 75cc kit on your Vespa, it is a good idea to have a beefier piston pin anyway. So, during the rebuild, pick up a new 10mm crank to go with it. Amazing power for your lil Vespa.

10mm Piston Pin Version

Polini power on a little Ciao. 46mm

This is a big ol kit. You will need to bore out your case to make it fit.



Piaggio 60cc DMP Kit
Price: $99.00
In Stock

Better than stock, featuring the Dykes piston ring, for superior compression.

10mm Pin
Derbi Stock Piston Port Kit
Price: $150.00
In Stock

Found a few of these kits in a buyout. Stock piston port kit for Derbi engines. Comes with piston, rings, circlips and pin. New Old Stock apart from some shelfware due to age and minor amounts of surface rust. Can very easily be cleaned up.
Derbi Flat Reed Port 65cc Parmakit Kit
Price: $164.99
In Stock

Parmakit Flat Reed Derbi Kit, made in Italy, and super quality. Great for adding a bit more pep to the ole Derb.

6 Port Nikasil

Motobecane AV7 Airsal 74cc Kit
Price: $129.00

Motobecane AV7 Kit, 47mm. Bolt right up and go. .

Garelli 70cc Polini Kit
Price: $180.00
In Stock

Top quality performance delivered by Polini. This kit bolts up to Garelli Mopeds, and gives you the power of 70cc displacement. For the Garelli NOI single speed engine. This is the engine with the horizontal cylinder.


Puch 65cc Metrakit Cylinder Kit
Price: $129.00

Back from the grave!
Vespa 65cc Alfaerre Kit
Price: $140.00
In Stock

Classic Italian performance parts made by Alfaerre. The porting on this is very similar to a Polini of the same size.

Amazing performance, and a little more boutiquey then your run of the mill moped parts.

Made in Italy!
Vespa SI Pinasco 75cc Kit -12mm Pin
Price: $201.00
In Stock

The Vespa Si style Pinasco 75cc kit is a real ripper!

Vespa SI Pinasco 46mm Kit 10mm
Price: $201.00
In Stock

The Vespa Si style Pinasco 75cc kit is a real ripper!

Nikasil lined Aluminum Cylinder with a Vespa Bravo or Si Style head. Meaning more aggressive fin style for maximum cooling. That aggressive head won't fit in your Ciao frame though, so if you have a Ciao you need the 10mm, or 12mm Ciao style kit.

This is the 10mm piston pin version of this kit, there is a 12mm version available here. If you are in the United States, more than likely you have a 12mm piston pin, and this is not for you. If you are not in the US, and or have an older Ciao, you probably have a 10mm piston pin. The only way to be sure is by pulling your jug off and checking.

If you don't want to worry about it, you might as well upgrade your crank at the same time.

Since this is the big boy of Vespa kits, you will need to split your case, and bore it out a bit so that the sleeve of this cylinder will fit.

This probably the best kit you can get for your Vespa based moped.
Peugeot 80cc Parmakit Kit
Price: $220.00

The biggest kit you can get for Peugeot. Only the sexiest TSM's and 103's have these kits on them. comes with a super cute piston.

Everything is bigger in America!
Motobecane Av7 50cc Biturbo Kit
Price: $110.00

Yes, we are serious. This is a Biturbo kit for the AV7.

Probably faster than stock, but not by much.
Motobecane AV10 70cc DR Cylinder Kit
Price: $155.00
(Out of Stock)

Motobecane AV10 70cc DR Cylinder Kit
Morini M1 60cc Airsal Kit
Price: $175.00

Spanish power fro your Italian Stallion.
Peugeot 70cc Parmakit Kit
Price: $220.00

6 Ports, made in Italy, and looks like a screamer. Lets blast Peugeot's!

Includes: everything you need, including a Hi-comp head.

Vespa 55cc Stock Overbore Cylinder Kit
Price: $110.00

This is just a little bigger than stock. Great replacement if your kit is trashed.

Check which piston pin you have. 10mm, so 12mm.
Peugeot Polini 49cc H20 Kit -Rarity
Price: $275.00

The amazing and elusive old style Polini Peugeot water cooled kit. This kit features tje super aggressive 7 Port map, that is truly destined to blast.

Unavailable for at least 10 years, we found one on the shelf in Europe somewhere.

Low compression head, and gasket kit included. We have one, so if you want it, get it.

Puch 70cc Parmakit Cylinder Kit
Price: $170.00
(Out of Stock)

Parmakit brings you a new kit for your Puch. HUUUGE transfers 6 port kit. Unlike the 74cc parmakit this one will bolt up without any boring, sweet sweet parma nectar.

20mm Intake
Garelli 70cc Polini Reed Cylinder Kit
Price: $222.00

Super out of production.
Peugeot 102 50cc Stock Kit
Price: $140.00

Stock replacement kit for a Peugeot 102.

Notice the threaded exhaust.ï¿_ If yours is not threaded, you will need to pick up an exhaust that is.
Honda MB5 1977 70cc Cylinder Kit
Price: $198.00

We decided we wanted to help out the MB5 racers out there. MB5's are almost mopeds right?

Here it is, an affordable ripping kit.

The 1977 MB5 70cc Kit!

Fits the MB5, MB50, MTX, and the MBX.
Peugeot Buxy Scooter Airsal 70cc Kit -Honda Compatible
Price: $170.00

Ever since Hobbits have been raced int North America people have been throwing Buxy kits on them. CraigW made a great showing of it at the Polini Cup with a Polini Buxy kit on his Honda Hobbit.

This kit is made for the race. Aluminum, butterfly exhaust, and 1 thing ring make it a great scooter kit to play with.

Insanely huge ports. You will need to add some material to your cases.

Made by Airsal!
Honda NSR 70cc Eurokit Kit
Price: $199.00

Take your stock Honda NSR motorcycle and put a little pep in its step. 70cc kit for converting your 50cc bike up a notch.

Includes everything you see here:
Yamaha FS1 60cc 77 Kit
Price: $220.00

Upgrade your FS1 Fizzy motorcycle to a jaw dropping 60cc!

No gaskets, but everything you see here.
Derbi Senda 80cc Kit -2006 Edition
Price: $275.00

Big bore power for your Derbi Senda, or pretty much anything with a Minarelli AM6 motor.

Water cooled of course! Includes everything you see here. This is for the 2006 Edition.
Derbi Senda 80cc Kit -2004 Edition
Price: $275.00

Big bore power for your Derbi Senda, or pretty much anything with a Minarelli AM6 motor.

Water cooled of course! Includes everything you see here. This is for the 2004 Edition.
Minarelli AM6 80cc 77 Kit
Price: $275.00

Bolt on power for your Minarelli AM6. Commonly found on the Aprilia RS50 and a few Derbi motorcycles.

Includes all that you see here:
Puch 70cc 77 Reed Kit -Cylinder Only
Price: $120.00

This is only a cylinder for the 70cc 77 Reed Kit. Because sometimes, you only need the cylinder!

Only the cylinder!
Peugeot Speedfight 70cc 77 Scooter Kit
Price: $189.00

One of the first scooter kits we are offering, this is a water cooled kit for your Peugeot Speedfight. Bolt up and and go! Might work on some mopeds as well, if you were tricky.

Puch 70cc Parmakit Cylinder Kit -Huge Transfer Edition
Price: $210.00

Puch Parmakit with mega transfer ports. Akin to a Gila, or a Metrakit, you will need to do some porting on your stock case to get this on there. Super worth it though when you are blasting on down all your friends.

6 Ports

Made in Italy.
Derbi Piston Port 60cc Parmakit Cylinder Kit
Price: $172.00

Parmakit Piston Port Derbi Kit, made in Italy, and super quality. Great for adding a bit more pep to the ole Derb.

Includes everything you see here. No gasket kit with this one.
Hero Majestic Cylinder
Price: $125.00

Stock Hero Cylinder.
Yamaha QT50 60cc Kit
Price: $175.00

You want to tune your Noped, of course you do! Here is a 60cc kit we found to help you out with it.

Includes everything you see here:

Fits the Yamaha GT50 YT60 SG50 MJ50, and probably more!

44mm Diameter.

Check out how this kit is being used on Garage. The worlds largest Moped Tuning Database. Here are some Yamaha builds featuring this kit.

Derbi Flatreed 50cc Gilardoni Kit
Price: $140.00

50cc powerhouse for your Derbi moped.

Designed for the Derbi Flat Reed motor, but with some trimming can fit the Revo as well.

You can see this kit used on Garage. The worlds largest moped tuning database. Check them out here:

Honda Vision Peugeot ST 65cc Scooter Kit
Price: $135.00

This kit fits the Honda Vision, and Peugeot ST 65cc Scooter.

46mm Diameter, and 7 Transfers!


Minarelli AM6 Piaggio Runner 70cc Scooter Kit
Price: $282.50

Pretty impressive Scooter kit for your Piaggio Runner Scooter, or your Minarelli AM6 based motor.

Aprillia SR50 70cc Metrakit Kit
Price: $244.99

Metrakit power for your Aprilia SR50.

Here is the listing on the lable:

SR50LC/ bally LE/ gulliver LC/ ARK F15 firefox, phantom LC, Aerox, benelli 491

Made in Spain!

  • MFG Part #: 804A0520
  • Manufacturer: Metrakit
  • Diameter: 47mm
  • Stroke Length: 39.3mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Derbi
Puch Athena 50cc Reed Kit -Small Reed Edition
List Price: $219.00
Price: $219.99

Pretty nice kit for all those 50cc Puch tuners out there. If you are shooting for 50 on a 50, this would be a great place to start.

Includes everything you see here:
Puch Athena 70cc Reed Kit -Small Reed Edition
Price: $224.99

Nice ripping kit.  Made by Athena, and is in the range of the Puch Polini.

This includes a 20mm intake with a 24mm OD Clamp size. Perfect for Dellorto PHBG clamp on carbs.  This kit also comes with the metal reeds, which you will probably want to switch out.

Derbi Piston Port 65cc Autisa Kit
Price: $176.99
(Out of Stock)

Moped had Derbi written on its Derrière. Very Rare.
Derbi 50cc Airsal Kit
Price: $149.99

Blast it on 50cc. Pretty deluxe kit from Airsal.
Sachs Athena 80cc Kit
Price: $265.00

The best and biggest kit out there for Sachs mopeds.

Made in Italy
Peugeot Airsal 70cc kit
Price: $155.00

46mm Peugeot kit. 4 ports with w shape 3rd transfer.
Puch 50cc Racey Kit
Price: $99.00

50cc Sprinter kit! Check out the transfers on this. In the right skilled hands, you could have the fastest 50cc Puch in the US. Perfect for racing in the Alps!

You can either port match, of if you don't care just bolt it up.
Honda NSR 100cc Gilardoni Kit
Price: $275.00
(Out of Stock)

A Gila kit for your Honda NSR motorcycle?! Yes, here it is. Gigantic ports, a w-port exhaust, and an incredible 95cc calculated displacement makes this the most bad ass kit we sell.

Includes reed, stuffer, and all the usual gaskets and parts.

This is truly an amazing kit to behold. I wonder if you could graft it onto something else?

Made in Italy
Motobecane AV10 70cc 77 Hi-Rev Cylinder Kit
Price: $125.00

Motobecane AV10 Performance, for the midrange tuner.

Features a cutaway Puch Polini style piston for absolute revage!

Includes everything pictured.
Derbi 60cc Metrakit Cylinder Kit
Price: $140.00

The most advanced kit for mopeds! This is the Derbi Metrakit, advanced porting, and rad design make this the kit of choice to throw on any race bike from Derbi to Motobecane to Honda.

You might have heard the terrible rumors about Metrakit, that they are out of business. Well, its true. Metrakit as a company is still around, but is no longer making moped parts. These kits are the last batch of inventory that was left from the ending of operations. Because of legal reasons we are not quite sure of, these kits come with the Metrakit logo ground off.

Also, there is an Airsal brand piston. The new piston is actually a better fit though, and you don't need a pile of base gaskets. Just one!

You can see this kit in action on Garage. The worlds largest moped tuning database. Check out all these builds using the Derbi 60cc Metrakit.

Vespa Piaggio Ciao 70cc 77 Race Kit
Price: $140.00
(Out of Stock)

Vespa Moped 77 kit. Basically a great 70cc kit and head combo.

Includes everything you see here even a head!

Uses a 10mm Piston Pin.
Peugeot 50cc Parmakit Kit
Price: $150.00

Small displacement with huge revs. 50cc kit that blasts. Be the true hero of 50mph on a 50cc.

Parmakit for the win, including a rad head.