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General Top Tank Gas Cap Key
Price: $3.74
(Out of Stock)

We have a pile of keys for your General top tanks.  Pick the number that matches your lock.  Should fit your fork lock as well.
Honda MB5 Locking Gascap
Price: $12.99

Locking gascap for your Honda Motorcycle.  This is a bigger than your typical cap, so it might fit some odd ball bikes out there as well.
Gadabout Locking Gascap with Measuring Cup
Price: $14.99

NOS replacement gascap for Gadabout mopeds. Fits most top tank mopeds.  Puch Magnum, Batavus, and Tomos LX.


May fit other models as well. Comes with 2 keys and a measuring cup.

Top Tank Gas Cap
Price: $13.99

This gas cap fits pretty much any top tank Puch Magnum, and Tomos Targa. It is bigger than the typical step through kind.
Peugeot TSM Moped Locking Gascap
Price: $9.99

Replace your gas with a locking one. Don't worry about your special Motul laden gasoline getting stolen ever again.
Pacer Sebring Peugeot TSM Gas Cap
Price: $17.99

Sebring or Pacer or TSM Gas Cap!
Puch Magnum Pinto Tomos LX Top Tank Locking Gas Cap
Price: $10.99

Locking gas cap for your top tanker. Fits the Tomos LX, Puch Magnum, Pinto and more!
Sachs Hercules Gas Cap
Price: $11.99

Sachs plug in style gas cap. Also worked on the Puch Bombadier
Step-thru Locking Gas Cap
Price: $14.99

Protect yourself. Lock your gas up. Gas cap is chrome, and comes with two keys.

Fits most step thru mopeds.
Puch Magnum Pinto Tomos LX Top Tank Gas Cap
Price: $9.99

This is for the Tomos LX, Puch Magnum, and Puch Pinto.

Pretty much anything with a big tank will use this style cap.
Motobecane AV88 Gas Cap
Price: $14.99

This is a New Old Stock Motobecane AV88 cap. Bigger than the standard Motobecanes from 1976 on. If you have a pre-1970 Motobecane, this probably fits it.
Peugeot 103 Moped Gas Cap
Price: $7.99

Plugs right in.

Please note that these no longer have the Peugeot logo on the face, but they will still fit Pug tanks.
Motobecane Moped Locking Gascap
Price: $14.99

With gas prices on the rise, can you trust your moped on the street with its precious fuel tank? Prepare for the end times with this locking gas cap.

Fits all the standard Motobecane Moped models, except the 7.

Puch Maxi Tomos Minarelli Step-thru Gas Cap
Price: $7.99

Replacement gas cap for Puch and Tomos mopeds. Basically most step through bikes.

Keeps gas in and rain out. Totally worth it.

Universal Flip Top Gas Cap
Price: $9.99

Perfect after market cap. Clamps around a 40 - 45mm lip.