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Sachs Moped Base Gasket
Price: $2.99
In Stock

Sachs Cylinder Base Gasket 505 Engine
Puch Sachs Moped Bing Idle Screw Spring
Price: $0.99
In Stock

Bing Idle Screw Spring
Puch Sachs Derbi Tomos Open Ended Circlip -12mm
Price: $3.00
In Stock

For all of you who are breaking the sound barrier, this circlip has no anything sticking out.  A bit trickier to install, but safer for high RPM enviornments.


Fits many many different kits, stock or race. If your piston has a 12mm pin, this will work for you.

Sachs 505/ 1 C D Moped Piston Ring
Price: $8.99
In Stock

Piston Ring 38.8 mm Top Ring for the 505/1 C, D Engine
Italian and Sachs Moped Brake Shoes
Price: $14.99

Fits Minarelli, Sachs Mopeds and other Italian Wheels. Basically, if you have an Italian moped with wheels, this will probably fit it. Vespa excluded.

Sachs Intake Gasket
Price: $1.50
In Stock

Works on Sachs 504 and 505 engines.
Sachs Moped Clutch Cover Gasket
Price: $1.99
In Stock

Sachs Transmission Gasket.
Puch Minarelli Sachs Derbi Tomos More -12mm Circlip
Price: $0.99
In Stock

Manufactured by Minarelli, this circlip will fit any piston with a 12mm Piston pin. Pretty universal.
Sachs 505 C D Moped Piston Ring
Price: $8.99
In Stock

Piston Ring 38.8 mm Top Ring for the 505/1 C, D Engine
Puch Sachs Batavus VDO Speedometer -Small Diameter
Price: $29.99
In Stock

This is a neat little VDO speedometer that works with the VDO drive found on Sachs, Puch, and Batavus mopeds.  It is a much smaller diameter than a stock speedo, and would be great mounted in a discreet spot.

46.75mm Diameter

Puch Sachs Tomos Top End Roller Bearing
Price: $9.99
In Stock

Stock top end roller bearing for Puch, Sachs, Tomos, and Probably Derbi as well.

A little narrower than the performance versions. Perfect for a stock crank.  Made by Sachs
Vespa Sachs Solex 6202.C3 SKF Crankshaft Bearing
Price: $12.99

Crankshaft bearing for Sachs, Vespa, Solex, crankshaft bearing. Also fits the Minarelli countershaft  and Morini secondary large gear shaft/output shaft.
15 x 35 x 11
#30 PHVA Idle Jet
Price: $3.67
In Stock

Dellorto PHVA PHBH Idle Jet
Sachs Exhaust Clamp
Price: $8.99
In Stock

OEM clamp for holding your Sachs exhaust on.
Sachs Clutch Bell
Price: $64.99
In Stock

OEM Sachs clutch bell. Not sure why you are missing a clutch bell, but here you go if you are!
Sachs Franco Morini 38.8mm x 2mm Piston Ring Set
Price: $19.00
In Stock

Sachs 505 C D Cylinder ring set.

Includes both the top and bottom ring.
Sachs Large Exhaust Header Clamp
Price: $5.00
In Stock

Rear exhaust clamp for Sachs mopeds.  This connects the back chamber to the exhaust mount.
Sachs Internal Pedal Shaft
Price: $34.99
In Stock

Internal pedal shaft for Sachs moped motors.
Peugeot & Sachs Red and Grey Left Side Cover
Price: $24.99
In Stock

Did you dump your beautiful Sachs Carrier, General, Juli, or Peugeot 103 on its left right and ruin your side cover? Here's a fresh one. Will also bolt up to some other Sachs models.
Sachs Air Box Backing
Price: $19.99

NOS Sachs air Box part that bolts to your Bing carburetor. This is only part of the airbox, but it is often broken on Sachs mopeds.
Sachs 505 1A Crankshaft
Price: $129.99
In Stock

750-581 Sachs Crankshaft
Sachs 505 D1D Crankshaft
Price: $129.99
In Stock

Crankshaft that originally came in the Sachs Seville. For the 505 D1D engine.

Sachs 12mm Stock Curved Intake Manifold
Price: $22.00
In Stock

Stock Sachs intake.  Nice curve for good flow.  This intake has the flat base, so it will bolt up to any Sachs cylinder with ease.

SACHS Seville Seat
Price: $89.00
In Stock

Pretty amazing Sachs Seville flip up seat. Originally for a build we were going to do, this seat missed getting thrashed in the Seattle Sachs racer days.

Kinda similar mount style as Honda Hobbit or Tomos. Vespa as well maybe.
Sachs Moped Bosch Points
Price: $19.99
(Out of Stock)

These are OEM Sachs Moped points.
Sachs 50cc Stock Piston
Price: $59.99
(Out of Stock)

Standard Stock Sachs Piston.
Sachs Exhaust Header
Price: $15.00
(Out of Stock)

Moped Stock Leg Shield -Blue
Price: $89.99

Scooterfy your moped
Sachs 12mm Stock Intake Manifold
Price: $22.99

This is a stock Sachs intake. Has an angled base, so you will need to reuse your old angled spacer.
Sachs Bing Throttle Slide
Price: $18.00

This is the slide that comes in Sachs Bing Square carburetors. NOS.
Sachs Hercules Front Fork
Price: $99.00
(Out of Stock)

New Old Stock front forks for your Sachs Moped.

Sachs Hercules Front Fork -Baby Blue
Price: $99.00

NOS stock front forks for your Sachs, or any other bike you might want to put it on.
Puch Sachs and Italian Moped Snowflake Brake Shoes
Price: $16.95
(Out of Stock)

A set of high quality brake shoes for your Grimeca wheeled moped.

Works on Snowflake mag rims found on Puch, Sachs, and some Italian mopeds.

Includes: Spring

Sachs 504 Engine
Price: $299.00
(Out of Stock)

This is a complete NOS engine from the Handybikes hoard. Does not include the flywheel, but everything else is how you see it here. We have a small pile of identical motors, so the one you might receive a cosmetically slightly different one.

Sachs Mini Internal Ignition Coil
Price: $22.00

This internal coil is a dream, bolts in and fixed almost 100% of a Peugeots wiring issue. Also pops in and cleans up your wiring situation on your Puch Sachs, or Bosch based moped.

Sachs Moped Needle Bearing
Price: $9.99

750-018 Sachs Needle Cage Bearing
Sachs Hercules Front Fork
Price: $99.99

New Old Stock front forks for your Sachs Moped. Beautiful metallic blue paint, includes fork brace, handlebar clamps, bearing cups and bearings.  You could probably get them to work on almost any bike with a lower stance.  Italian bikes, Puch Maxis, ect.

May have a little shelf wear from their journey through time and space, but these are pretty flawless.

Sachs Front Brake Arm (Old Style)
Price: $4.99
(Out of Stock)

This came on older Sachs mopeds. If it looks like yours, then it will work for you.
Sachs Digital Speedometer
Price: $39.00

Yup, it is a Sachs Huret digital Speedo. Comes with installation instructions. You will for sure need to change the battery.
Bing Atomizer Needle Jet for Sachs Mopeds
Price: $8.79

This is the Sachs #2.17 Atomizer aka Needle Jet for the Sachs Bing Carburetors.

For tuning tips, check out Garage.  The worlds largest moped build database. Use Garage as a guide to what jet you need.

Here are some builds that use the Bing carburetor:   Bing Builds

You can look at the jetting used by builders as a starting point for what you need.

Sachs Sticker Sheet
Price: $9.99

OEM Sachs stickers on a nice sheet of 5.
Sachs Rear Pedal Back Brake Arm
Price: $4.99
(Out of Stock)

Goes on your rear brake hub, and hooks up to Sachs Pedal back brakes.
Sachs Front Sprocket -11th
Price: $13.99

Sachs front sprocket.  Fits all Sachs mopeds with the 50\"X\" engine.

OEM Sachs Part
Sachs Derbi Flat Reed Moped Points
Price: $13.99

Replacement aftermarket points. Bosch style breaker points will help you bring back that old Ped's spark.
Sachs Decompression Valve
Price: $14.99

Stock Sachs Decompression Valve. NOS
Sachs 50cc Stock Cylinder/Head Combo
Price: $100.00

This is a New Old Stock Sachs Cylinder/Head combo. Just the jug/head combo, no piston, rings, or other hardware included. Something for you tuners to play around with.
Sachs Moped Clutch Holding Tool
Price: $19.99

If you ever had your Sachs transmission apart, you know you need this tool.
Peugeot & Sachs Green and Off White RIGHT Side Cover
Price: $19.00

Cover it up.
Sachs Hercules Gas Cap
Price: $11.99

Sachs plug in style gas cap. Also worked on the Puch Bombadier
Puch Sachs Bosch Stator Flywheel Setup
Price: $99.00

The power is in the points. This is a brand new stator and flywheel for you Puch E50, ZA50, and or many Sachs mopeds.

Tons of great builds are using points on Garage.  The worlds largest moped tuning database.  Check out what folks are using here.