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Puch Tomos Aluminum Base Spacer -2mm
Price: $7.99
In Stock

The perfect spacer if you need to correct a stroke issue. This one is thick!
Motobecane AV7 AV10 Head Mount Spacers
Price: $3.99
In Stock

Spacers for your MBK head.

The flat washer part is 1.4mm thick.

Sold Each

6mm Cylinder Centering Bushing Set
Price: $7.99
In Stock

These little gems here are an old tuners trick. You install them on each corner, and it keeps your cylinder exactly pinned where you need it. That way there is no play, and you don't have to guess if you cylinder lines up with all that meticulous port work you did.
Puch E50 Clutch Bushing
Price: $6.50
(Out of Stock)

Replacement Clutch Bushing found in Puch E50 motors.
Motobecane AV10 AV7 Head Spacer Set
Price: $7.99

This is a MBK wheel spacer kit. For 10mm Axles, comes in a few different sizes to get your wheel spaced just right.