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Moped Headlight Brackets
Price: $14.95
In Stock

Super simple headlight ears for your front fork.


Made for 28mm, but because of the way they are made, they can go bigger and smaller than that.

CEV Headlight Rim With Screw
Price: $14.99

CEV Headlight Rim With Screw
Classic Metal Headlight -Flat Black Edition
Price: $29.99
In Stock

CEV Headlight Assembly Flat Black 6 Volt 21 Watt Sealed Beam
12v 55w H3 Halogen Bulb
Price: $11.95
In Stock

Now that you are running that CDI setup, and your spark is great, lets work on your lights!

77 Headlight Sticker
Price: $0.77
In Stock

Vinyl cut headlight sticker. Show 77 pride, and or put it on a toolbox.
Tron Style Universal Headlight Assembly
Price: $49.99
In Stock

CEV Headlight Assembly. Typically came on Garelli mopeds. Would look great on any sort of future bike.

Double Headlight
Price: $19.99

Double headlight system. Not just two filaments, there is a spot for two separate bulbs.

Puch Derbi Tomos Minarelli CEV Headlight Back
Price: $25.00

This plastic headlight was used on most the Euro mopeds in the early to late 80's. NOS, and works with this lens.


NOS and made in Italy.

Euro Headlight Grill -Yellow
Price: $9.99

Protect your headlight from thrown bottles.
Euro Headlight Grill -Purple
Price: $9.99

Protect your headlight from thrown bottles.
12v 55w H3 Halogen Conversion Beam
Price: $34.95
(Out of Stock)

Bright Modern Lights!

Tomos Derbi Minarelli Morini Pancake Headlight Back
Price: $9.99

If you want to run without a speedo, plug your hole with this.
Halogen Universal Headlight Assembly
Price: $59.00
(Out of Stock)

Finally a brand new headlight you will not blow out. This is a brand new ready to go 4.5in headlight.

Classic look with modern guts. This headlight runs a 12v H3 bulb commonly found in car headlights and offroad lights, much brighter than your usual moped light and also more reliable and easy to find. Cheap bulbs too! Great for hi-rpm CDI setups, and or mopeds with kits. Stock bikes with 12v systems can run these fine as well.

You probably don't need a voltage regulator, but why risk it? This bucket will go on pretty much anything you want to put it on.

This setup comes with a 12v35w bulb but most of the H3 bulbs you'll find at auto supply stores etc. are 12v55w. Have a crazy power lighting coil? 12v100w H3 bulbs are available too!

Vespa Ciao Bravo SI Headlight
Price: $34.99

Replacement headlight for your Vespa moped.
Universal Rectanglular Headlight
Price: $34.99

This headlight is a great replacement for the Tomos rectangular headlight. It also would look good just about anywhere you want a rectangular headlight. 

12v 35w.

Euro Headlight -Blue
Price: $23.00

So Euro it hurts. This headlight looks like a toy. In a good way. You need to run special bulbs with this bucket with a P26s style mount. Right here cowboy.
CEV Short Headlight Lens
Price: $24.99

CEV headlight lens.. Came on others as well. This headlight is a simple replacement for Peds that have lost lights through accidents or the ravages of time.

This is only the lens.
Rectangular Headlight
Price: $35.00

This headlight was used on many newer mopeds, including Kinetic, Tomos, Hero-Majestic, and Yumbo. Great headlight for any project.

Bulb not included.
Headlight CEV Reflector
Price: $3.99

These reflectors dangle down from the headlight bolt. OEM and NOS!

Safetly first!  You can put these on pretty much anything with a round headlight.

CEV Bullet Headlight Speedo Hole Plug
Price: $9.99

If you want to run without a speedo, plug your hole with this.
Chrome CEV Headlight Bezel
Price: $9.99

Nothing finishes off a build or cleans up a bike like a new bezel for your headlight. Ditch that rusty, dinged up headlight bezel and get yourself one of these brand new chrome CEV headlight bezels and start turning heads.

Fits all CEV bullet and standard headlight buckets, as found on Puch, Peugeot, Italian bikes, and many more.

Motobecane Headlight Rim
Price: $19.99

Pretty much every Motobecane has a dented headlight rim. Here is a brand new replacement. OEM and NOS!
CEV Headlight Clips
Price: $0.25
(Out of Stock)

These are the little clips that keep your headlight beam in place.
Universal Moped Headlight
Price: $29.99

You can use this headlight on basically any Moped you want. It is a 5in headlight, and replaces any standard moped headlight.

Metal body, with a plastic lens.

Uses a Tomos Style dual filament bulb. Grab that here, as the headlight does not include one.