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Universal Wiring Block
Price: $2.99
In Stock

3 wire block for your custom or stock wiring needs.
Simple Ground Wire
Price: $3.99
In Stock

Super simple ground wire. Made up for you!

Spark Plug / Ignition Wire
Price: $1.99

Spark Plug Wire. Sold per foot.

This ignition wire will work on basically any moped.

CEV Voltage Regulator 12 Volt AC
Price: $29.99
In Stock

OEM CEV Voltage Regulator 12 Volt Ac
Heavy Duty Voltage Regulator
Price: $21.95
In Stock

Protects light bulbs from blowouts.
Tomos Flasher Relay
Price: $5.99

If your blinkers aren't blinking, it is probably your flasher relay.
Sachs Mini Internal Ignition Coil
Price: $22.00

This internal coil is a dream, bolts in and fixed almost 100% of a Peugeots wiring issue. Also pops in and cleans up your wiring situation on your Puch Sachs, or Bosch based moped.

General 5 Star Fork Lock Kill Switch
Price: $34.99

Found on General 5 Star mopeds, you could probably make this fit on anything you want to have a keyed kill switch.


Includes 2 keys.

CEV Flasher Relay
Price: $7.00

OEM, and NOS this is a CEV Flasher relay for those deluxe mopeds that came with turn signals.
Stock Peugeot Wiring Harness
Price: $49.99

This is the solution for all of you out there with a gnarly rats nest of a wiring setup. Take it back to stock baby. Comes with light switch and kill switch, as well as mounting hardware.
Universal Unrestricted CDI Box
Price: $14.99

Unrestricted 5-pin CDI box that ships with the Honda CDI but will also work on a couple other CDIs, including the Motobecane stock CDI. While it uses a 5-pin connector, you can easily splice a male connector onto your current stator wires.

The wiring when looking into the connector is as follows:



  • 1 - timing input, pink from the stator
  • 2 - empty
  • 3 - is power out to the HT ignition coil, usually black
  • 4 - ground
  • 5 - kill switch (grounds to kill engine)
  • 6 - power input from the stator, black wire from the stator
Simple 12v Moped Voltage Regulator
Price: $19.77

Stop blowing lights. Simple and cheap, this will fix it.
To hook this up connect both the input and output 12v wires to the white wire and ground the black wire.
Keyed CEV Ignition Switch
Price: $9.99

This is the switch that came on many Euro mopeds and scooters. Most commonly seen on Vespa Headlight buckets. Came on many others as well.