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Motul 710 1 Liter
Price: $17.95
In Stock

Motul 710. Great for auto injection, or premix. Entry level Motul.
Oil Measuring Cup.
Price: $3.50
In Stock

This measuring cup is great, it has lines on the side indicating a 2% mix for 1, 1/2, or 1/4 gallons.

Kreem Tank Kit plus Liner
Price: $49.99
In Stock

If your gas tank is so rusty that an inline fuel filter will not solve the problem, you need a more aggressive soloution. The kit includes an acid cleanser to eliminate the rust, a rinse to eliminate the acid, and a liner to keep the rust at bay.
Permatex Hi Temp Silicone -Blue
Price: $4.99
In Stock

Blue silicone gasket maker. Sometimes you need some sealant!
Roto Pax Mountable One Gallon Gas Can
Price: $54.95
In Stock

While researching build info for our Trans American Trail Adventure bike, we fell in love with these cans.

While we fell out of doing the Trail, we still are building a bike, and it will get one of these rad accesories.

Requires a mount to easily come on and off your bike.

1 Gallon.

Motul TransOil Expert 10W40
Price: $11.20
(Out of Stock)

All purpose transmission fluid
Motul 800 Single Ester 2 Stroke Oil
Price: $18.96
(Out of Stock)

The best 2 stroke oil on the market. This is the oil to take to the race track.

Ester Synthetic base stock has been specially formulated for very high performance 2-stroke engines. Provides up to five times more film strength than petroleum oils and up to four times more than synthetic blends. Handles very high temperatures and burns so CLEAN that POWER VALVE and EXHAUST deposits are all but eliminated

This is a premix oil only, do not use in an autolube Ped.
Motul 510 2T 1 Liter
Price: $13.50
(Out of Stock)

The base model synthetic blend motor oil with new anti-smoke properties, 510 2T is a special formula for in-town and off-road 2-stroke engines. Can be used in all injector and premix systems. It reduces carbon deposits within engines and exhaust pipes. It also reduces the sticking of piston rings.
IPONE Scoot Run 2 Strawberry Scented Two Stroke Oil.
Price: $17.99
(Out of Stock)

When you run this stuff, your exhaust fumes smell like strawberries! In fact, the warehouse smells like strawberries right now as well.

Vintage Sapone Neutro Liquid
Price: $9.99

Vintage Sapone Neutro air filter oil. Not sure if you'd still want to use it but it'd be great for collectors.
Super Sick Oil Measuring Cup
Price: $3.99
(Out of Stock)

Super useful oil measuring cup.  It has all the measuring marks for different mixtures.  Great if you run a different mix on different 2 Strokes.
WSL Blue Loctite Threadlocker -Medium Strength
Price: $7.95

This stuff is a must for putting a drop on any thread you do not want vibrating apart. 

This is the medium strength, the rough equivalent to blue Loctite.

WSL Red Threadlocker -Extra Strength
Price: $7.95

This stuff is a must for putting a drop on any thread you do not to take back apart.  It is very strong stuff!

This is the extra strength, the rough equivalent to red Loctite.

French Blood (Peugeot San Graal)
Price: $4.99

A chest was discovered in a southern French Chapel, inside 12 vials of Sacred blood were found.

These are those vials, marked to expire in 1978, who knows what magic they still contain.
Box of Super Fancy Shop Rags
Price: $59.00

This is fancier than your corner store blue shop rags. Lint free, and great for detailing, or wiping your hands.

Includes 500 individual towels on the roll.