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Park Tool Cable Cutter
Price: $32.99
In Stock

Cable cutter by Park Tools. It is worth every penny. You will not get cleaner, crisper cuts with any other cutter.

This is what we use in our shop.
Credit Carb Tool
Price: $14.99
In Stock

This is our credit card sized multi-tool. Stainless Steel, fits in your wallet, and is designed to have what you need to clean your carb.
Park Tools Bottle Opener
Price: $8.99
In Stock

The right tool for your beer. The perfect accesory to any shop, or work bench. You can also take it to work with you! Great for beer, or Mexican Cokes.

Buzzetti Kickstand Spring Installation or Removal Tool
Price: $14.99

Makes those tricky springs much less frustrating to put on and take off.
Park Tool Allen Key
Price: $9.99
In Stock

This fits really easily in your tool bag, and you will use it more than you think.  Made by the fabulous folks at Park Tools.


All Hex Key version with the hard to find 1.5mm size.


Sizes: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm sizes 8650 chrome vanadium tool steel

Universal Indigan Freewheel Tool
Price: $22.99
In Stock

Remove your freewheel with ease. Works on pretty much all freewheels, Puch, Motobecane, BMX ect.

Indigan Honda Athena Alu Parmakit Porting Guide
Price: $1.99
In Stock

Make porting your Hobbit a breeze with this handy guide. It bolts to your cases, and you can dremel up to it. Easier than making your own, and fits perfectly to the Athena, Alu Kit, and Parmakit.

The guide includes 4 allen bolts.
Park Tool CT-5 COMPACT Chain Breaker
Price: $14.95
In Stock

Great for your pedal chain, or if in an emergency, you could probably make it work on your drive chain.

Peugeot 102 Batavus and More Belt Tensioner
Price: $14.50
In Stock

Super neat little specialty tool for adjusting the belt tension on your Peugeot 102, or Batavus. Solo too!

Made in the USA.
Park Tool 15mm Cone Wrench
Price: $8.49
In Stock

The right tool for the job. If the job is tightening your axle cones.
Pedro 4th Hand Tool
Price: $18.49
In Stock

Locking lever holds cable tight while using both hands to peform other operations

*This is a frustration saving device.*
Crankshaft Bearing Installation Tool
Price: $19.99
In Stock

Based off of a Puch Factory tool, this genius piece of steel will save you from bending your crank while installing bearings. It slips into the center of your crank, and provides a firm spot to install bearings against.

This is a universal tool, use it on any crank from Puch to Peugeot!

Motion Pro 6mm Stud Installation Tool
Price: $7.70
In Stock

This tool makes installing cylinder, intake, and exhaust studs a breeze.



Motion Pro Timing Wheel
Price: $17.00
In Stock

This little Aluminum wheel is great for timing your bike exactly to the degree!
Motion Pro Chain Breaker Tip
Price: $5.00
In Stock

Replacement tip for the Motion Pro Chain Breaker.
Park Tool Wheel Truing Stand
Price: $104.95
In Stock

Setup your shop, and build wheels like the pros.  You can true or lace your rims with this Park Tool wheel truing stand.  Works on everything from mopeds to Harleys.  Super deluxe powdercoat, and nice little details makes this a great stand to work with.

Ships flat, some assembly required.  Comes with printed instructions for truing wheels!
Indigan Motobecane Mageneto Strap Wrench Tool
Price: $24.50
In Stock

Indigan helps you get away from using the inferior piston stop. This is based off of the Motobecane Dealer tool that came with the old Dealer sets of yore.

The strap clamps right onto your Motobecane magneto.

Made in the USA!
Park Tool Pedal Arm Wrench
Price: $12.99
In Stock

A robust tool for a sometime strenuous procedure. Make things easy on yourself and get the right tool for the job. Fits 9/16\" pedals, which are found on most mopeds.

Also works as a 15mm Cone wrench. Technically what it was made for.
Motion Pro Chain Breaker
Price: $29.00
In Stock

Shop style chain breaker. Great for small to big chains.
Metric Allen Wrench Set
Price: $7.49
In Stock

Allen set size 1.5mm-10m.
Park Tool Axle Vice Insert
Price: $24.99
In Stock

This simple little tool turns your vice into a pro tire changing station. I can't even remember how to change a tire without one of these. 

A must for any shop.
Park Tool Headset Removal Tool
Price: $32.95
In Stock

Knock out your bearing cups in style! You could use a screw driver, but you run the risk of damaging and or warping the bearing cups. With this, you just slide it down the head tube and tap them out evenly.

No fuss no muss.
Safety Wire Plier Kit
Price: $26.00
In Stock

Be safe! Perfect for your track bike to make sure everything stays in place.
Mikuni Pocket Carburetor Tuner
Price: $5.95
In Stock

Basically a carb tuning slider. Put what your settings are into this thing, and when you change temp or elevation, it will tell you how to adjust. In theory works for a Dellorto's and other carbs as well.

You need this for track day!
Mikuni Jet Wrench
Price: $5.50
In Stock

Handy little jet wrench, keep it in your pocket, or in your tool box. Very handy when tuning.
Indigan Motobecane Variator Holder Tool
Price: $26.95
In Stock

Indigan steps your game right up with a remake of a classic Motobecane tool. This Var holder gets clamped down into a vice, and allows you a very firm working platform to do your Variator adjustments and rebuilds.

Made in the USA!
Park Tool MW-Set.2 Metric Wrench Set
Price: $69.95
In Stock

Pretty much all the metric wrenches you need to work on your bike. From 6mm to 17mm.

Polished chrome with a dipped blue handle for super grip. Set of 12

Park Tool AV-5 Aluminum Vice Inserts
Price: $28.95
In Stock

If you change a bunch of tires, this vice insert is a must have.  Clamp your axle in this, and you can very easily change that tire.


Basically any threaded thing can clamp in the vice without damaging the threads.

Ignition System Tester
Price: $15.29
In Stock

Test the integrity and strength of your ignition system. This is a gauge to show you the quality of your spark.
Park Tool Deluxe Pedal Wrench PW3 9/16in-15mm
Price: $25.99
In Stock

Super Deluxe pedal wrench. Fits both 9/16th, and 15mm pedals.

Shop level quality.
Spark Plug Tool
Price: $4.99
(Out of Stock)

Small and easy to tote, perfect for the light travel tool kit..
Derbi / Honda Transmission Puller
Price: $22.00

Honda Hobbitt, Camino, PA 50, and Derbi variator and clutch puller.
Pedro's Tire Lever
Price: $12.99
(Out of Stock)

The best tire lever for mopeds!  Grab 2 for super easy tire changes.
Park Tool CT-3 Chain Breaker
Price: $34.99
(Out of Stock)

The gold standard of chain breakers. Perfect for assembling and disassembling moped 415 drive chains and pedal side bicycle chains. Uses a replacable pin in case you loan it to your little brother and he breaks it.
Park Tool Rescue Wrench
Price: $8.99
(Out of Stock)

Park Tool MT1 Rescue Wrench, 3,4,5,6 and 8mm Plus - Regular screw driver and 8,9 and 10 Hex head bolts.
Motobecane Exhaust Tap
Price: $69.99
(Out of Stock)

If you have a bunch of Motobecane mopeds, you know how annoying it is to replace your cylinder because the exhaust thread is damaged. Now you can fix it.

Great for a shop.
Minarelli Morini Garelli CEV Flywheel Puller
Price: $22.95
(Out of Stock)

This puller is for all CEV brand magnetos, found on most italian moped models.

minarelli, garelli, tomos a3

CEV no. 6436 magnetos

Later MBK 51 Mobys with electronic ignition (CDI)

Indigan Honda Hobbit Flywheel Holder
Price: $19.00
(Out of Stock)

If you are building up a full blown shop, you need to snag one of these flywheel holder.
Derbi Dealer Caliper
Price: $18.00

This is the Caliper made in Spain that was sent to the Derbi Dealers. Part of history!
Motobecane Honda GY6 House Brand Puller
Price: $18.99
(Out of Stock)

This puller is from Minarelli GY6 flywheels, Honda Hobbit rear variators, and Motobecane clutch.

24m x 1m

Our house brand puller is great quality, and the price is right!

24m x 1m

KTM Flywheel Puller
Price: $19.99

  • Fits most Husqvarna:
    1970-80 2 stroke models with CDI ignitions

  • Fits most KTM:
    Current 2 stroke liquid cooled models

  • Fits most Classic:
    Ignition point with condensers or CDI Ignition Systems
    Bultaco, Ossa, Montesa, Husqvarna, Penton, Sachs, and Maico
Derbi Honda Hobbit Camino Clutch Puller
Price: $26.00
(Out of Stock)

Honda Clutch puller. Works like a charm. Thread it down as far as you can. Also works on the Derbi rear pulley as well.
Headset Wrench
Price: $29.99

You could use a channel  locks to adjust your headset, but you might scuff your paint, and scratch your chrome.  This is the exact tool for the job.

Dansi Fly Wheel Puller
Price: $15.00

This is what you need for pulling that old Dansi fly wheel! NOS!!
Puch Clutch Puller
Price: $26.95

Really nice clutch puller, also works with Minarelli engines.
Rahsol Moped Torque Wrench
Price: $34.99

Vintage German torque wrench. Everything you need to get those bolts just right.
Moped Flywheel Holder
Price: $13.99

This little tool lets you stop your flywheel from moving. Think piston stop, but even more universal. You don't need to have a cylinder or cylinder head to use it. Originally for Sachs mopeds, but will work on anything with a flywheel.

Heavy Duty Puch Minarelli Morini Moped Clutch Puller
Price: $13.99

Super duty puller for pretty much any Moped clutch that takes two bolts to remove it.
Peugeot 102 103 TSM TSA Moped Flywheel Puller
Price: $14.99

Peugeot flywheel puller.

*You need this tool for engine timing, replacing points or condensors, and for anytime you need to get under the flywheel.

Sachs Moped Clutch Holding Tool
Price: $19.99

If you ever had your Sachs transmission apart, you know you need this tool.
SK Tools Points and Plug Gapper
Price: $4.99

Perfectly gap your points and your plug with this handy gapping tool. Listed in both Metric and inches.

Made in the USA!
Puch Bosch Flywheeler Puller
Price: $19.50

High quality Bosch flywheel puller. Works with Puch, and Sachs mopeds.

26mm X 1.5

*You need this tool for engine timing, replacing points or condensers, and for anytime you need to get under the flywheel.
Minarelli Morini Puch Clutch Puller
Price: $12.99

This is a NOS dealer issued clutch puller. It will work on Puch E50, Minarelli, Franco Morini, and a few others.



Minarelli Case Splitter
Price: $21.00

If you are going to rebuild your Minarelli bottom end, you really should get this tool. I am not even sure how to do it without having it. It bolts to your case in three points and allows you to apply even pressure on your cases.

That way you run a much lower risk of cracking or splitting them.

Made by Minarelli, in Italy!
Motobecane Variator Puller
Price: $24.00

OEM Dealer tool Motobecane Variator and Clutch puller.
Motobecane Magneto House Brand Puller
Price: $12.00

This puller is for Motobecane Flywheels.  Also fits some Peugeot, Piaggio, and Gilera Scooters.

Piston Stop
Price: $9.99

This tool is really handy for working on your magneto or transmission. Thread this in, and it will stop your piston from moving, and that keeps your crank from moving.
Puch Minarelli House Brand Clutch Puller
Price: $14.99

Works on any wet clutch that has a two hole pull. Puch, Minarelli, Morini, and Suzuki.

Puch Tomos Sachs House Brand Flywheel Puller
Price: $12.00

The nicest puller for Bosch flywheels. Our House brand. Fits the Puch Maxi, Magnum, Sachs, Tomos, and pretty much anything that has the larger Bosch Flywheels.


26m x 1.5m

19mm X 1mm Minarelli CEV MBK CDI Puller
Price: $12.49

This is a pretty useful puller. So far we know it works with:

  • Tomos A3
  • Minarelli CEV
  • Garelli CEV
  • Franco Morini Dansi
  • Motobecane CDI
19mm x 1mm Puller with righthand thread.
Puch E50 Clutch Flywheel Puller Tool Kit
List Price: $26.99
Price: $24.99
Savings: $2.00

House Brand Clutch Puller + House Brand Flywheel Puller
Minarelli Clutch Flywheel Puller Tool Kit
List Price: $26.99
Price: $24.99
Savings: $2.00

Minarelli House Brand Clutch Puller + House Brand Flywheel Puller
Pedro Tire Lever Set
Price: $3.50

Change your tire!  Includes a pair of plastic levers.