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Derbi Variator Needle Bearing
Price: $7.99
In Stock

When tearing down your Derbi Var, your needle bearing may be trashed. Here is a replacement OEM Derbi part.
Motobecane 3 Ball Roller Guide
Price: $10.50
In Stock

OEM and Made by Yamaha. This went to the AV10 motors, but also works on AV7.
Peugeot Malossi Multi-Var Variator
Price: $99.00
In Stock

The power of French bikes is in the Variator, throw this on your 103, TSM, or TSA, and you will be blasting Puchs like it is your job.

Multivar is very easy to fit and to modify. It is developed in detail and for specific applications. With a variator that features such sophistication, your moped has that extra sprint, a consistency in shifting, a greater mechanical ease at high speeds and a constancy in performance you've never experienced before with the original variator. This is what the Malossi technicians wanted to obtain.

Malossi Variator Assembly Instructions.
Derbi Flat Reed Rear Pulley Guide
Price: $19.77
In Stock

Simple Stylish!
Piaggio Polini 8 Roller Variator
Price: $55.00

Cheap and easy upgrade for your existing Vespa variator. Includes a little weight set.

Made by Polini
Peugeot 103 AX'STAR Race Variator
Price: $160.00

French race tech!

This Variator uses the much superior and easier to tune rocker-arm weight setup, and it appears weights are interchangeable with the Doppler ER3!

Here is what the box says \"AX'STAR High-Performance Racing-Development
Variateur Masselotte - Peugeot\"


Malossi DERBI GP1 REVOLUTION LC 50 Torque Drive
Price: $175.00

Torque Drive for a Derbi GP1!

Made in Italy of hardened Steel.
Peugeot Variator Pin
Price: $4.99

That weird pin you need in your Pug Var.
Peugeot Polini Variator
Price: $89.00

Convert your stock variator into a tuneable variator. Works on the PEUGEOT: *103 *104 *105 *SPX * Manufactured by: Polini
Piaggio Polini Variator
Price: $112.52

Performance Variator to make your Italian moped fast.

Made for the Vespa:

Peugeot Clutch Disc
Price: $9.99

Replacement clutch disc for Peugeot moped clutches.
Peugeot Stock Variator and Clutch
Price: $104.99

Variator, and Clutch complete stock replacement.
Vespa Ciao Bravo Grande Kinetic Rear Variator Clutch Assembly European Spec
Price: $99.00

If you are upgrading your non-variated Ciao, or replacing an exploded clutch, this is for you. Includes everything you see here!

This is the late model type clutch that works with the Malossi and Polini after market springs.

Peugeot Variator Sticker
Price: $2.99

Peugeot would put this sticker on the Variator, so you knew what it was. Spelled Frenchy.
Honda 6 Roller Variator -Kickstart Version
Price: $99.00

Brand new Honda 6 Roller Variator. This is a kick-start version made for Camino's without pedals. So, to get this set up on your bike, you will need to reuse the clutch bell, and starter clutch off of your stock variator.

Motobecane Complete Stock Variator
Price: $68.00

Brand new stock Motobecane variator.
Derbi Variant Honda Hobbit TJT Ramp Plate
Price: $29.00

This is a 6 roller ramp plate by TJT. Use this in case you do not have one with your setup, or need to upgrade yours. If you have a 3 roller variator and are upgrading to a 6 you need this.

Vespa Ciao Bravo Grande Kinetic Stock Clutch -Non Variating
Price: $100.00

Replacement clutch for your non variating Vespa moped. Drop in and go!

Derbi Variant Honda Hobbit TJT Race Variator
Price: $110.00

TJT Maxivar for Derbi Variant and Honda Hobbit mopeds.  Replace your stock variator with one made for the track.  Made by the tuners at TJT, this is a must have for true blasting. 

If you are putting this on a Honda Hobbit, or if your Derbi stock variator has 3 rollers instead of 6, then you will need to pair this up with a 6 roller ramp plate.  Uses 16 x 13 roller weights.

Made in Spain.