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The 1977 Mopeds Story:


The 1977 Mopeds birth follows moped culture in America.  Founded by Dan Kastner, one of the founding members of the Moped Army, 1977 Mopeds started as an adventure to outfit the newly formed and under supplied Moped Army and ever expanding moped community. In 2003 we opened the doors for the first time to the very first Moped Culture shop.  A shop that was not just a rehash of the 1970’s repair and new Tomos moped store, but a spot designed for the Moped rider as a lifestyle.  Moped shops are not easy, and 1977 was started with a $500 tax return.


 Doing punk rock shows, working around the clock, and with a much appreciated hand from the local Decepticon population, ‘77 was able to grow and flourish into the premiere American Moped Shop it is today.  An organization across the nation, staffed with riders, for riders, and helping the Moped Community grow right along with us.


This is a shot of behind the ATL warehouse.  Pictured are the folks behind 1977 Mopeds.  Pulling orders, packing boxes, and everything else it takes.