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General 5 Star Puch Hero Honda Scooter Brake Shoe Set

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This brake shoe set is super popular with Asian bikes. The most popular Mopeds that use it are the General 5 Stars, Hero Puchs, and Tomos Arrow.

110mm x 25mm

F R 1981-1984 AMS Sierra 50 (spoke wheels w/big hubs)
F R 1981-1984 AMS Tahoe 50 (spoke wheels w/big hubs)
F R 1981-1985 General 5-Star (model with big hubs)
F R 1981-1985 General 5-Star ST (model with big hubs)
F R 2000-2005 Hero Puch Automatic (spokes)
F R 2000-2005 Hero Puch Turbo Sport (mags)
F 1990-1990 Honda NS50F
F R 1980-1983 Honda C70 Passport
F 1983-1985 Honda NH80 Aero
F 1985-2007 Honda CH80 Elite
F R 1984-1984 Honda CH125 Elite
R 1984-1985 Honda CB125S
F R 1984-1984 Honda NH125 Aero
F R 1985-1987 Honda CH150 Elite, CH150D
F R 1988-1988 Honda ZB50
F R 1977-1982 Honda CT70 Trail 70
F R 1991-1994 Honda CT70 Trail 70
F R 1970-1973 Honda SL70 K1
F R 1974-1974 Honda XL70 (up to #103001)
F R 1978-1978 Honda XL75
F R 1971-1976 Honda XR75 K1/K2/76
F R 1991-1996 Honda EZ90 Cub
F R 1970-1974 Honda SL100 K1/K2/K3
F R 1974-1974 Honda XL100 (up to #1020001)
F R 1977-1978 Honda XL100
F R 1980-1986 Honda CT110
F R 1967-1974 Honda CL125S (single)
R 2000-2001 Kymco Cobra 50 (2-stroke)
R 2002-2003 Kymco Cobra Cross (2-stroke)
R 2000-2005 Kymco ZX50 (2-stroke)
R 2005-2012 Kymco Agility 50 (4-stroke)
R 2005-2008 Kymco Vitality 50 (4-stroke)
R 2009-2012 Kymco Sento 50 (4-stroke)
R 2006-2011 Kymco Agility 125 (4-stroke)
R 1999-2012 SYM Jet Euro 50 (2-stroke)
R 2005-2014 SYM MiO 50 (4-stroke 30mph)
R 2014-2014 SYM Jet 50 Evo (2-stroke 30mph)
F 1999-2012 SYM Fiddle 50 (with front drum brake)
R 2008-2011 SYM Fiddle 50 (with front disk brake)
R 2007-2012 SYM SYMply 50 (4-stroke)
R 2009-2014 SYM SYMba 100 (4-stroke)
R 2005-2008 Tomos (A55) Arrow (2-stroke 30mph)
R 2005-2008 Tomos (A55 kick) Arrow (2T 30mph)
F R 1985-1989 Trac (DP50) Olympic (2-stroke 30mph)
F R 1984-1989 Trac (DK50) Liberty (2-stroke 30mph)
F R 1989-1990 Trac (DP50) Blitz (2-stroke 30mph)
F R 1987-1990 Trac DH100 Super Hawk (4-stroke)

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