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Minarelli Morini Garelli CEV Condenser
Price: $12.49
In Stock

Cev condensor for Italian mopeds.  This one has a bracket.

Dellorto SHA Air Box -BLK
Price: $7.99
In Stock

This air box is the style that came stock on a large number of mopeds with Dellortos in the 1970s.

Specifically, it says Minarelli on it, and came on many Minarelli based mopeds. Will work on anything that runs a Dellorto SHA.

Reduces noise output from your engine and keeps out the rain and dirt.

Minarelli Flywheel Nut
Price: $2.99
In Stock

New Old Stock Minarelli V1 or VL1 flywheel nut.
Minarelli Oil Fill Cap Gasket
Price: $0.75
In Stock

Little gasket for your Oil fill cap.
Minarelli Clutch Nut
Price: $1.99
In Stock

Clutch not for Stub Plane Minarelli clutches.

Works with other Minarelli cranks as well.

RH thread.  You may need a reverse thread.  There is a link to them lower down the page.

Puch Tomos Derbi Minarelli 12mm Gudgeon Piston Wrist Pin
Price: $9.00
In Stock

Replacement Piston Pin for many different mopeds.  Puch, Derbi, Tomos, Minarelli, Peugeot, Motobecane could all use this pin. 

Minarelli Case Spring Pin
Price: $1.29
In Stock

Minarelli Case pin that holds the spring on your pedal gear.

Minarelli part number 5780
Minarelli V1 V1L Oil Fill Screw
Price: $0.49
In Stock

Sometimes you check your oil levels, and forget to put this back in.
Minarelli V1 Engine Explosion Poster -Frame Ready
Price: $19.77
In Stock

If you have visited our shop, you probably saw this poster framed on the wall. Informative and decorative. These are vintage, and have a bit of yellowing at places. 24in x 19in
Minarelli Clutch Nut -Reverse Thread
Price: $7.99
In Stock

Minarelli clutch nut, reverse threaded.

Minarelli V1 Transmission Gasket
Price: $2.99
In Stock

Minarelli clutch side gasket.
Puch Minarelli Sachs Derbi Tomos More -12mm Circlip
Price: $0.99
In Stock

Manufactured by Minarelli, this circlip will fit any piston with a 12mm Piston pin. Pretty universal.
Carabela Prism Sticker
Price: $4.99
In Stock

Maybe these were originally a tank decal?  Either way, it is an amazing prism.  About 8in long.
Minarelli Dellorto Airbox NOS
Price: $6.99
In Stock

This is the air box that came stock on all mopeds with Minarelli engines and Dellorto SHA carburetors.
Minarelli V1 V1L C2 Moped Woodruff Flywheel Key
Price: $1.99

4720 Minarelli Flywheel Key CEV Magnetos
Minarelli Reed Valve Gasket
Price: $0.99
In Stock

4244 Minarelli Reed Valve Gasket
Dellorto SHA Air Box for Minarelli Mopeds
Price: $6.99
In Stock

Stock airbox that came on Minarelli Motors. You would have seen it on Cimatti, and others. It will work in any situation you need an airbox on your SHA carburetor.
Minarelli V1 Crankshaft with Stub Plane
Price: $149.99
In Stock

What we have here is a stock Minarelli crankshaft with the stub plain on the clutch side.

That flat spot is to keep your clutch from shifting around.

Roller bottom, and bushing top.
Minarelli V1 V1L Stock Clutch Shell -Stub Plane
Price: $32.00
In Stock

This is the clutch shell sans shoes for a Minarelli V1 or V1L. Fits stub plane clutch style cranks.


NOS made by Minarelli

Minarelli V1 V1L Stock Con Rod
Price: $49.99
In Stock

This is an OEM piston rod, sealed in some sort of wax. Maybe whale ambergris? Perfect if you are rebuilding or restoring that stock Minarelli moped.

Minarelli V1L 50cc 40mm Piston
Price: $59.99

4541 Minarelli Piston Kit 40.mm Reed Valve Edition
Minarelli Clutch Cover Black
Price: $29.99

5262 Minarelli Clutch Cover Black
Minarelli V1 V1L Intake Manifold
Price: $19.99

Stock intake for your reed inducted Minarelli V1L.  Might fit other weirdo flavors of Minarelli out there as well.


45.4mm from bolt holt to bolt hole.
Puch Derbi Tomos Minarelli CEV Headlight Back
Price: $25.00

This plastic headlight was used on most the Euro mopeds in the early to late 80's. NOS, and works with this lens.


NOS and made in Italy.

Minarelli V1 Stock Head
Price: $45.00

The classic Minarelli V1 Head. NOS.
Minarelli Sprocket Driveshaft
Price: $34.99

Minarelli Sprocket Driveshaft
Minarelli Electric Start Cover
Price: $23.00

New Old Stock cover for your Minarelli with Electric start.
Tomos Derbi Minarelli Morini Pancake Headlight Back
Price: $9.99

If you want to run without a speedo, plug your hole with this.
OEM Minarelli Cylinder Stud
Price: $2.99
(Out of Stock)

OEM NOS Minarelli Cylinder Stud!

Sold Individually.

Minarelli V1 Overbore Piston Kit
Price: $55.00

OEM and original Minarelli Piston Kit!  Includes everything you see here.

Comes in a Minarelli box even.

Minarelli V1L 50cc 40.6mm Piston
Price: $59.99

4551 Minarelli Piston Complete 40.6mm Reed Valve V1L version.
Minarelli Stock Square Cylinder Head
Price: $50.00

Stock, Minarelli V1 and more head.  Made in Italy!  Huge fins make for great cooling.
Minarelli 19mm Intake Manifold
Price: $20.00

This intake came stock on the rare vertical Minarelli engine, but can be put on just about any piston port engine with a minimal amount of modification.
Ideal for that 19mm PHBG Racing Carb you've been eyeing.
19mm ID
24mm OD
Minarelli Clutch Cover
Price: $29.99

Minarelli Clutch Cover
Cimatti Motor Minarelli Cloth Sticker
Price: $3.50

Issued back in the day by Cimatti sticker has a strange cloth feel to it. Cool sticker, it would look great on a bag.
Minarelli C2 Transmission Cover
Price: $60.00

OEM, and NOS, this is for the variator side of the unubtanium Minarelli C2.

Minarelli V1 V1L Clutch Bell and Main Gear
Price: $70.00

This is an NOS Minarelli Clutch Bell, along with the matching Primary Counter Gear.  These were stock in pedal Minarelli mopeds.

Viva Italia!  You can now rebuild that Minarelli motor you robbed the bell of.  These bells are also used in coverting Puch E50 transmissions over to KTM clutches. 

Minarelli V1 V1L Piston Kit
Price: $55.00

OEM and original Minarelli Piston Kit! Includes everything you see here.

Comes in a Minarelli box even.

Minarelli V1 V1L Front Sprocket -10th
Price: $18.00
(Out of Stock)

OEM Minarelli 10 Tooth front sprocket, this is the sprocket you need for maximum mid-range.

This is New Old Stock!
Minarelli V1 V1L Front Sprocket -13th
Price: $18.00

OEM Minarelli 13 Tooth front sprocket, this is the sprocket you need for maximum blasting. You will need to file just a bit of case away to make some chains fit. This is New Old Stock!
Minarelli Fan Cover Backing
Price: $19.00

This is the backing plate that allows you to mount your fan shroud on your Minarelli moped.  Please notice the configuration of this part, and compare it to what you are replacing.

NOS. Made in Italy.
Minarelli V1 Zeta Piston
Price: $49.99

Replacement piston for the Minarelli V1, made by Zeta an old name in moped performance.
Minarelli V1 Stock Clutch Shoe Set
Price: $58.00

OEM replacement clutch shoes for your Minarelli V1 or V1L.

You will need to reuse the metal backing on your old shoes. While pictured, these shoes do include the back and screws.

Minarelli Starter Clutch Spring -Small
Price: $7.99

This is the spring that pushes on the larger spring that gets pushed when starting your Minarelli moped. NOS, and made by Minarelli.
Heavy Duty Puch Minarelli Morini Moped Clutch Puller
Price: $13.99

Super duty puller for pretty much any Moped clutch that takes two bolts to remove it.
Minarelli V1 V1L Front Sprocket -9th
Price: $18.00

OEM Minarelli 9 Tooth front sprocket, this is the sprocket you need for maximum torque. 

This is New Old Stock!
Minarelli V1 Overbore Piston Ring Set 39.4mm x 1.5mm
Price: $14.99

39.4mm x 1.5mm -Stock Overbore
Minarelli Pan Exhaust
Price: $25.00

Stock Minarelli Pan Exhaust.

This is a New Old Stock part. There is surface rust on it from riding the shelf for the last 30 years. Paint it up, or leave it as is.

Minarelli V1 V1L Stock Clutch Shell
Price: $32.00

This is the clutch shell sans shoes for a Minarelli V1 or V1L. Fits taper clutch style cranks.


NOS made by Minarelli

Minarelli Morini Puch Clutch Puller
Price: $12.99

This is a NOS dealer issued clutch puller. It will work on Puch E50, Minarelli, Franco Morini, and a few others.