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Universal 12v High Coil
Price: $22.00
In Stock

Universal moped high coil.  Great replacement on pretty much any moped.  Rumor has it that it will work on a 6v bike as well.  The price is right for sure!
Universal High Tension Coil
Price: $37.99
In Stock

12 V, and looks like a stock Piaggio coil.
Universal High Tension Coil
Price: $29.95
(Out of Stock)

Universal High Tension Coil. Will work on any moped. You may need to fabricate a mount for this coil, but many mounts will already be similar or even the same. Lead wire and boot not included.
HPI Ignition Coil
Price: $44.99
(Out of Stock)

Made by HPI for your your HPI setup.  A brand new High Tension coil.  In case you need it.
HPI Ignition Coil Bracket
Price: $10.99
(Out of Stock)

Made by HPI for your your HPI setup.  A brand new High Tension coil bracket.  In case you need it.
Peugeot Reactance Coil
Price: $15.99

This coil is called the reactance coil in the Peugeot parts book. NOS, and made in France.
Sachs Mini Internal Ignition Coil
Price: $22.00

This internal coil is a dream, bolts in and fixed almost 100% of a Peugeots wiring issue. Also pops in and cleans up your wiring situation on your Puch Sachs, or Bosch based moped.

Peugeot 103 Stator Plate
Price: $85.00

OEM 5 coil stator plate for your Peugeot 103 TMS TSA, or custom bike.
Minarelli CEV Ignition Coil
Price: $23.99

Replacement ignition coil for your CEV based Minarelli moped.

OEM Part
Universal 6V High Tension Coil
Price: $21.99

Universal high tension coil for your 6v moped.
Tomos A55 Unlimited Rev CDI Box
Price: $43.00

One of the nagging things in Tomos performance tuning has been the rev limit on the stock CDI boxes.  After experimenting around and trying to adapt other boxes to Tomos, we decided to make our own.


Here it is!  Same form factor and connections as a stock Tomos A55 box, this one has no rev limits!  Just take your old box off, and pop this one on.


House Brand Tomos A35 CDI Coil Box -2 Wire
Price: $35.99

This is a replacement CDI coil and box for your Tomos A35.  The 2 wire version.
Tomos A3 CEV Brake Light Coil
Price: $22.99

15 watt stop light coil powered by ignition coil for model 6951, which was commonly used on the Tomos A3.