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Vespa Piaggio Kinetic Moped Pinasco 65cc Race Case Upgrade
Vespa Piaggio Kinetic Moped Pinasco 65cc Race Case Upgrade

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We first ran across this little gem in Italy, about 3 years ago. It was hidden among a bunch of Vespa scooter kits. It is pretty amazing. You replace one half of your Ciao case, and then you have ability of running dual 13mm carbs. Pretty rad!

Apparently Mr. Pinasco was originally contracted by an Indian company, (Kinetic?) to create a more eco friendly and pollution reducing version of the Vespa motor. He came up with adding reed valves to the equation, in his final version you would need to run only one carb, and plug the rear intake. But we know you want a racey setup.

We were hounding Ace for at least a summer to use this, combined with the Biturbo kit to put a total of 3 carbs on his Bravo. We are still waiting for someone to do it.

Comes with an air filter that fits in under the plastic side covers of your bike, and a throttle cable splitter. Some other little bits in there as well. Just to be clear, this kit is only one side of your engine case. You reuse the original on the other side.

You might need to cut a small bit of your frame away for clearance depending on your setup.

This case half is for up to 65cc cylinder kits.

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